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Bradclad - PROSEAM

is an extremely versatile, high performance standing seam roofing system that forms a completely weathertight skin.  

Individual panels are rollformed from continuous strip coil to any required length and then mechanically seamed together onto secretly fixed clips.  The result is an integral roof covering that has no joints or end laps and makes rainwater penetration virtually impossible.

The finished producswimming poolt is robust, corrosion resistant, totally weather proof and will provide outstanding performance for the life of the building.  The flexibility of makes it equally suitable for pitched, curved or virtually flat roof applications.  As a value engineered solution it is also the perfect choice for both public sector and private developments.

Through the 1990’s, Forrest Maughan, a division of the Bradclad Group, took zip-up metal roofing to a new level, creating the concept of design, manufacture and supply.  This is now available through the unique product offer.

The System

roofing is extremely flexible in application.  The rigid profile design gives each panel span capability.  Consequently, continuous support – a feature of more traditional longstrip style roofs – is not required.

The system does not rely on mastics or sealants to ensure weather tightness.  However, the closed seam does permit any moisture trapped within the construction to vent through to the outside atmosphere, effectively allowing the system to breathe.  A capillary groove rolled into the lap of the panel prevents moisture being drawn through the seam.  

System componentsaccessories

The panel is complemented by a range of special components and accessories.  All components and fasteners are non-ferrous to the reduce corrosion risk and increase life expectancy.

For in aluminium, zinc and stainless steel, standard fixing clips are supplied in aluminium.  in steel or copper is installed with a moulded polyamide clip eliminating the risk of bi-metallic reaction.

Thermal movementfixed-point

The system is designed to permit the thermal movement of panels which will occur, especially on larger roofs.  Aluminium panels, for examples, will typically expand by 1mm per metre of roof panel.  Panel movement is accommodated by the panel sliding over the head of the fixing clip.

The thermal movement is controlled by the introduction of a  “fixed point” in the system where the panel is riveted or bolted to the fixing clip.  This would normally be at the ridge, allowing movement in each direction to the eaves.  In some cases the roof design may suggest that the fixed point be set elsewhere.



panels can be curved in both convex and concave forms.  All panels have some natural curvature which varies according to the gauge of material chosen and the metal itself.  

The natural curving ability of each panel can be developed using machinery, with variations again according to the type of metal and its thickness.  Contact Bradclad technical services for details.All panels can be crimp curved in convex form down to a 600mm radius.

Key Features of the System


roofs can be insulated to satisfy each project requirement.  By working closely with supply partners and specialist consultants, Bradclad have modelled workable solutions for the roof itself and perimeter details. The typical roof incorporates mineral wool insulation between aventing metal lining sheet and the PROZIP panel to produce a sandwich construction.  

Connection of the outer panel back to structure is via a fixing clip and spacer assembly or by extended fixing clips.
Heat loss through the system can be controlled by using thermal breaks to eliminate metal to metal contact within the roof construction.  The level of  insulation will determine the overall performance.

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